DutchDancer Workshop // Kenzo Alvares 2018

For all the dancers! Kenzo Alvares will teach a workshop on Saturday June 30 from 11.00 till 12.00h. For this workshop you need to have a Participant ticket. Don’t miss this!

At a young age Kenzo Alvares (25) learned that expression by dance and music perfect was for him.  It was very clear that the small Kenzo had extraordinary dance-genes and talent.  He chases his dream to study dance after High School. What follows is an period where he grows as an dancer and choreographer. His most important goal with dancing is to widen his horizons. One of his most valuable skills is that he gives workshops and shows all around the globe.

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Mario Walden about the goal of Perfect Beat Day

Perfect Beat Day

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11.00-12.00: Workshop

Strijp-S, Klokgebouw Hal A


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