The line-up for the GREAT 8 of World Bboy Classic 2017!

World Bboy Classic dropped the last names of the GREAT 8! This is gonna be one for the historybooks, be there! The full line-up:

  1. B-Boy Victor from USA
  2. B-Boy Zooty Zoot from South Korea
  3. B-Boy Igri Boss from Russia
  4. B-Boy J-One from Congo-Kinshasa
  5. B-Boys Willy from France
  6. B-Boys Assassin from China
  7. B-Boys Skychief from the Netherlands
  8. B-Boys Wing from Korea

Now where are the Challengers at? Make sure you let the world know you’re coming!

Check the website of World Bboy Classic for more info and videos of these amazing bboys! See you at EMOVES!

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