The first names of the international judging panel of The Next Step XL!

The Next Step is an all styles urban dance battle providing a platform for all dancers from different styles, skill levels and ages. The Next Step XL is proud to announce the first names of international judging panel:

Sugar Rae (Germany) has over the last years established himself as one of the most significant Urban Styles dancers of his generation in Germany and Europe. He is largely responsible for placing Germany on the world map of Hiphop and Urban Dance. Between 2008-2014 he won numerous prestigious World Titles, such Juste Debout Germany (5x Winner), Just Debout Paris (2x World Champion), Funkin Styles (4x World Champion) and much more!

Deydey (France) made history becoming the first female to win the Solo World Popping Championship at the UK Bboy Championships and again in 2010 at the prestigious Juste Debout world event in Paris, France. Since then she has worked with numerous performance artists including DJ Martin Solveig, Katy Perry and Madonna. She has also traveled the world with the Dance Company Montalvo Hervieu and in 2012 Deydey played the role of Yoyo in Vertigo Films Streetdance 2.

Andre Grekhov a.k.a. Drosha (Netherlands) began his dance career bboying with the Head2Toe Crew that recently celebrated their 10th anniversary. Through bboying he found his passion and has made it his life’s work developing his own unique dance style. During this process, he found himself wandering through and experimenting with various other street styles including popping and House. The past few years has won many titles in bboying, all-styles battles, popping and house but the crown jewel in his battle career is the 2012 world title in the category of Experimental at the world-renowned championship of Juste Debout in Paris.

Eszteca Noya (Netherlands) began in the early 1980’s dancing on the streets of Amsterdam. As the years passed, his curiosity and thirst for dance knowledge grew, leading him to delve deeper into all forms of street dance including: Hiphop-Old & Newskool, Breakdance, Popping, Locking, House, Electric Boogie, Social Dance and Krump. Eszteca is a highly respected and internationally well-known dancer, who is multi-faceted with experience in both the commercial world and the underground scene.

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