Shanice Silva Cruz // EMOVES Special at This is Eindhoven

BMX freestyle will be a new discipline at the Olympic Games of 2020. And Shanice Silva Cruz will hopefully be the first female participant from the Netherlands. This is Eindhoven met with her in 040BMXPark to talk about her Olympic dream.

Women in a BMX world

Shanice is world top for sure. She finished seventh in the World Championships last year, she tells us when she sits down at the table overlooking the ramps. But participating in the Games is not only about being talented and training very hard. It’s also about travelling around the globe to compete in the qualifying matches.

During EMOVES, the BMX world top will come to Eindhoven. Shanice explains that the ultimate highlights during the two minute runs are often in the small technical tricks. “Sometimes someone doesn’t go very high or doesn’t do the somersaults, but in a few seconds so many difficult things happen close to the ground. That’s really impressive to see.”

This is Eindhoven

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Pictures by Bram Berkien.

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