Outdoor Calisthenics park in Eindhoven

Almost three years ago we had an idea: a private outdoor Calisthenics park. After a lot of brainstorming, talking, writing and presenting plans the first outdoor Calisthenics park in Eindhoven is realized!

André Smits, Jep Verhorevoort, Robbin Castillo, Roy Hamers and Silas Pelsmaeker started training on self-inserted racks on a grass field and have developed this small initiative to real community. The Calisthenics Park is part of a wider Urban Sports Park and is located on the Elburg in Eindhoven. Everyone is welcome!

Calisthenics at EMOVES 2017

On Saturday June 17, 2017 there will be the second edition of the Bar Battles Eindhoven at 18 Septemberplein. This is a Calisthenics and Street Workout competition and contains the elements of freestyle, 100 seconds strict-form pull ups, push ups and dips.

Aftermovie Bar Battles EMOVES 2016

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Bar Battles Eindhoven

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