Urban Culture & Sports

Urban Culture is a collective name for a creative and artistic lifestyle based on the mentality of learning by doing, entrepreneurship and innovation. This lifestyle is lived by a large group of people from all strata, ethnicity and age.

It consist of a great variety of musical, visual, physical and creative forms of expressions of (young) people living in the city. It’s the culture of young people who mostly do not have access to the existing culture life of the city. These creative people get there inspiration from all the encounter on the street, find on the internet, social media or with there peers.

Since 2012 EMOVES has grown as a festival as well as a platform. EMOVES has supported and organized events and projects in all disciplines of hip-hop culture and urban sports. Many of them have started small in Eindhoven’s neighborhoods and have grown to become internationally renowned. Naturally, the communities supporting these events grew alongside them.

It was no longer wise to squeeze everything into one weekend. We realized that our success should further support these events by creating more space for their growth. That’s why in 2019, our weekend festival is changing into several weekends throughout the year dedicated to specific urban disciplines. Our headline events will be spread across several weekends this year, with a smaller all-encompassing weekend event taking place in the city centre of Eindhoven this summer. The first dates are set! Please check our program.


Cooperative Association EMOVES

The festival EMOVES is organized by the Cooperative Association EMOVES, founded by five Urban Culture & Sports institutions in Eindhoven: Dynamo (HiphopLab040), Area51 Skatepark, 040BMXPark, Gebouw 52 and The Ruggeds. On the basis of cooperation, entrepreneurship and relationship, these partners ensure that the urban world will have the opportunity for development, growth, increase public and professional.

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