Urban Culture & Sports

Urban Culture is a collective name for a creative and artistic lifestyle based on the mentality of learning by doing, entrepreneurship and innovation. This lifestyle is lived by a large group of people from all strata, ethnicity and age.

It consist of a great variety of musical, visual, physical and creative forms of expressions of (young) people living in the city. It’s the culture of young people who mostly do not have access to the existing culture life of the city. These creative people get there inspiration from all the encounter on the street, find on the internet, social media or with there peers.

At our festival we showcase the best of all urban disciplines. We can roughly categorise them in two. Urban Culture & Urban Sports. Urban Culture is similar to Hiphop culture containing the elements Bboying (breakdance), Graffiti, Rap en DJ’ing. Urban Sports is similar to Extreme Sports hosting the disciplines BMX Freestyle, Skateboarding, Freerunning, Tricking and Calisthenics.

All these different elements are found in the city of Eindhoven throughout the whole year, but once a year we work together to give you 3 days of the best we got to offer.

Cooperative Association EMOVES

The festival EMOVES is organized by the Cooperative Association EMOVES, founded by five Urban Culture & Sports institutions in Eindhoven: Dynamo (HiphopLab040), Area51 Skatepark, 040BMXPark, Gebouw 52 and The Ruggeds. On the basis of cooperation, entrepreneurship and relationship, these partners ensure that the urban world will have the opportunity for development, growth, increase public and professional.

latest news:

Urban Dansdagen 2018 – 15th December 2018

Verklaring van het bestuur EMOVES, 29 oktober 2018