EMOVES and STRP present Graffiti in Augmented Reality

Eindhoven is internationally known as a city of technology and design. But.. also as ‘urban’ city. It is remarkable that this Eindhoven DNA of urban, technology and design has never yet been entwined, but now it will! In the upcoming years EMOVES and STRP will join forces by setting up experiments in which technology and design will infiltrate graffiti, skateboarding, BMX and breakdancing. And vice versa.


Our first challenge is to add a new chapter to graffiti. Classic graffiti is physically applied in public spaces using spray cans. Graffiti in Augmented Reality (AR) is a virtual layer that is applied over the real, physical world. Both layers are made visible simultaneously using your smartphone. Graffiti in AR can spring up anywhere and then disappear again. But it gets really exciting when this graffiti is not a frozen image in AR, but comes to life.


During EMOVES 2018, STRP will present 8 to 10 new works by the Swedish/Japanese artist AUJIK at Strijp-S. AUJIK has a background in the skateboard and graffiti scenes and combines elements from robot design, architecture and neuroscience in his work. He creates a fluid, slow-moving graffiti that takes you to another dimension, as if in a dream. Below this article you find a video with an impression of his work. In Eindhoven, the futuristic and imaginative virtual world of AUJIK blends together with the robust, down-to-earth architecture of Strijp-S.

More to come

Graffiti in AR is the first project in a series entitled STRP Pop Ups. STRP presents projects under this title during and together with Eindhoven festivals like Glow and EMOVES. So stay tuned for more!

Written by: STRP


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