EMOVES 2017 – Day 2

If you weren’t at EMOVES Day 2, you missed something!! Battles, competitions, contests, jams, NK’s, exhibitions and parties, it was all there! All urban! All in Eindhoven! At the second day of EMOVES it went all off at 040 Invitational Spine Ramp Contest & Bar Battles Eindhoven at 18 Septemberplein, NK Skateboarding Bowl at Area51, Step in the Arena & Brabant Bike Battle at the Berenkuil, #ViralVandals at MU Art Space, Shut up and Trick & Hop the Block at Klokgebouw, The Next Step XL and Milky Way at the Effenaar and CAKE XXL at the Hoogste Tijd.

040 Invitational Spine Ramp Contest

Yesterday 18 Septemberplein was all EMOVES with 040 Invitational Spine Ramp Contest and Bar Battles Eindhoven! Lost of people came to watch our best athletes! The BMX Freestyle competition at the big ramp started at 13.00h. The finals of the 040 Invitational Spine Ramp contest started at 15:30h at 18 Septemberplein.

The results of 040 Invitational Spine Ramp Contest:

  • 1st place: Kostya Andreev (RUS)
  • 2nd place: James Jones (GBR)
  • 3rd place: Kenneth Tancré (BEL)
  • 4th place: Tom van den Bogaard (NED)
  • 5th place: Zdenda Pesek (Cze)
  • 6th place: Paul Thoelen (GER)
  • 7th place: Cam Peake (GBR)
  • 8th place: Daniel Wedemeijer (NED)
  • 9th place: Sem Kok (NED)
  • 10th place: Shaun Gornall (GBR)
  • 11th place: Jari Roggeveen (NED)
  • 12th place: Niels van Maren (NED)

Best Trick winner: Kostya Andreev (RUS)

Picture by Elke Teurlinckx

Picture by Elke Teurlinckx

NK Skateboarding Bowl

NK Skateboarding Bowl took place at Areafiftyone Skatepark, Strijp-S Eindhoven! Skateboarding is an Olympic sport in Tokyo in 2020 and one of the components is Skateboarding Park. Skateboarding Park has many similarities with Skateboarding Bowl. The NK Bowl was an unique opportunity to get an idea of ​​what’s going to be seen at the Olympic Games! And the audience definitely got an idea!

The winner of the Deathrace 2017 is:

  • Sjoerd Vissers

The winner of NK Skateboarden Bowl is:

  • Nick Bax

Picture by Thijn van der Linden

Picture by Thijn van der Linden

Bar Battles Eindhoven

This year was the second edition of the Bar Battles Eindhoven at 18 Septemberplein. This is a Calisthenics and Street Workout competition for beginners and experts. The competition contained the elements of freestyle and 100 seconds strict-form pull ups, push ups and dips.

It was all open for everybody to watch and so they did! The competition got a lot of attention from a young and old audience.

The results of Bar Battles Eindhoven 2017:

  • Winner Freestyle beginners: Noah – Bodyweight
  • Winner Freestyle experts: Marvin – Wolf’s-Bar
  • Winner strict form Push ups: Sammy – Barsaiyans
  • Winner strict form Pull ups: Badr – BarBrothers
  • Winner strict form dips: Badr – BarBrothers

Picture by Elke Teurlinckx

Picture by Elke Teurlinckx

Step in the Arena

Letters, cartoon, photorealistic and post modern graffiti, you saw it all at the first day of the largest graffitifestival of the world! A warm day with amazing artists, perfect! The first drafts and paintings were there.

Come and have a look today for the results!

Picture by Patrick Dreuning

The Next Step XL

The Next Step is an all styles urban dance battle providing a platform for all dancers from different styles, skill levels and ages. All street culture dance styles whether attached to a dance school or self taught from the street, united at The Next Step! It was packed with all ages of choreo crews, freestyle crews and freestyle dancers.

The results of The Next Step XL 2017:

  • 1 vs 1 allstyle battle under 10: Fleur Zwartkruis
  • 1 vs 1 allstyle battle under 16: Yarah Mukanga
  • 1 vs 1 allstyle battle over 16: Raquel Suarez (BE)
  • 2 vs 2 allstyle battle under 16: Norah Mukanga & Yarah Mukanga
  • 2 vs 2 allstyle battle over 16: Kim Tawjoeram & Yordana Rodriquez
  • Choreo Crew under 10: Touch Base (coach: Lisa Nijenhuis)
  • Choreo Crew under 14: Oxygen 2.0 Crew (coach: Jennifer Romen)
  • Choreo Crew under 18: Dancebase Crew (coach: Lisa Nijenhuis)
  • Choreo Crew over 18: Oxygen Crew (coach: Jennifer Romen)
  • Freestyle crew battles: Pigeons Crew

Hop the Block

The warm up day of Hop the Block from Friday was over! Freerunners from all over Europe came together to train and compete on a specially designed setup. There was a Speedcontest and the International League.

The winner of Hop the Block Speedcontest 2017:

  • Joseph Henderson

Picture by Thijn van der Linden

Shut up and Trick

Yesterday Shut up and Trick had a big program with 4 workshops, 4 challenges and the 1 versus 1 battles! Klokgebouw was packed with Trickers, Freerunners and audience!

The results of Shut up and Trick 2017:

  • 1 vs 1 first place: Slava Kistankin from Russia
  • 1 vs 1 second place: Redje Massino from Belgiun
  • 1 vs 1 third place: Chris Afonso from France
  • Backflip Challenge Winner: Schirin Hoth with 113 backflips
  • Horse Challenge Winner: Ben Cauvy from France
  • First Ninja Challenge: Ben Cauvy from France
  • Second Ninja Challenge: Dagon Lemaire
  • Inside the Box: Slava Kistankin

Picture by Thijn van der Linden


In #ViralVandalsTalks, MU-host Isolde Hallensleben talked with the scene’s movers and shakers about the future of graffiti at the breakthrough of the real and virtual world. There were local and international guests like RJ Rushmore (author Viral Art), Good Guy Boris (The Grifters), Matthieu Tremblin and others.

Picture by Jordy Wirjosoekarto

Brabant Bike Battle

Brabant Bike Battle is a competition to promote cycling. This pilot edition was for children up to 12 years. We want to show that cycling is a very fun and exciting way of moving. And we definitely succeeded in that!

Picture by Thijn van der Linden

Milky Way

Milky Way took us to the UK Garage club scene! A sound that has deep bass lines and funky melodies. Garage, UK Funky, Bass, Bassline and Grime, it was all there!

Vir the Sir, Blaize, Skepsis, Boibeige and Rawendz were behind the desk this night. A night nobody could stand still! Thanks Milky Way to show Eindhoven how you party!

Picture by Thomas Meijerman


CAKE is a concept aimed at cosiness. Hip-Hop classics to wavy house breaks with funk pop outliers. The mission was: if you can dance on it, it’s all good. And they did that at the XXL edition of CAKE at Hoogste Tijd! Thanks DJ Turne, DJ DNS, Franky Sticks and Waffles for the good music!

Sh * t was cozy again!

Picture by Thomas Meijerman

On to Day 3!

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