World BBoy Classic

The 10th edition of the World Final of the international BBoy Championships World BBoy Classic will take place in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. World Bboy Classic is the world championships breakdance for

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Planet Pop’N

Planet Pop’N is an international 2vs2 dance battle focused on the street dance called ‘Popping’. It’s an event organized by Delphine ‘Deydey’ Nguyen from France and Jing ‘Juice’ Wang from

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Hop the Block

Hop the Block is an international Freerun Jam and Speedcompetition hosted by Commit Freerun. This year we celebrate our 5th edition of Hop the Block which grew throughout the years

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Step in the Arena

Step in the Arena is a graffiti festival in the Berenkuil. Enjoy the street-art from more than 150 international graffiti artists while they work the whole weekend at the creative transformation of

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Shut Up & Trick

Shut Up & Trick is the second biggest Tricking Gathering in the Netherlands and will take place during EMOVES. This gathering focuses on promoting Martial Arts Tricking in the Urban

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Bar Battles Eindhoven

Bar Battles Eindhoven is a Calisthenics and Street Workout competition for beginners and experts. The competition contains the elements of freestyle, 100 seconds strict-form pull ups, push ups and dips,

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City 2 City

City 2 City is a dance competition celebrating the diversity of urban dance styles. We invite cities to send their dance delegation, representing the best of the cities identities. Only

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040 Invitational Spine Ramp Contest

At Ketelhuisplein (Strijp-S), 040 BMX Park will host the third edition of 040 Invitational Spine Ramp Contest. The best BMX freestyle riders from Europe will compete with each other on an enormous

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NEXTSTEP-XL is an international “stand-up” dance battle infused with allstyles and established for dancers from different street-styles, skill levels and ages. We support the true urban lifestyle and are uniting

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Perfect Beat Challenge

Perfect Beat Challenge is a challenge for music producers and beat makers. Both beginners and pros are challenged to make a beat within an hour to one and a half hours

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Step in the Arena Kidsbattle

On the Wednesday before EMOVES, the Step in the Arena Kidsbattle takes place in the Berenkuil. The Kidsbattle is a graffiti-battle for the students of the primary schools in Eindhoven. This

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