4D Graffiti Invasions by AUJIK

STRP and EMOVES present the next level of street art in AR at Strijp-S. Saturday June 30th, the slow moving, fluid graffiti in 4D designed by AUJIK will have its world premiere in Eindhoven.

While walking on Strijp-S, you will experience 8 to 10 new works of AUJIK with a spectacular virtual layer on top of the physical environment through your smartphone. Graffiti in augmented reality (AR) can pop up anywhere and then disappear again. But it gets really exciting when this graffiti is not a frozen image in AR, but comes to life.


AUJIK has a background in the skateboard and graffiti scenes and combines elements from robot design, architecture and neuroscience in his work. He creates a fluid, slow-moving graffiti that takes you to another dimension, as if in a dream. In Eindhoven, the futuristic and imaginative virtual world of AUJIK blends together with the robust, down-to-earth architecture of Strijp-S. After the premiere during EMOVES, 4D Graffiti Invasions by AUJIKwill be shown until 1 October 20.00.

Official opening

The official opening of 4D Graffiti Invasions by AUJIK is at Saturday June 30th, 15.30 at Ketelhuisplein (next to the bar), Strijp-S, Eindhoven.

After the opening, there will be a free guided tour. Save your spot by sending an email to info@strp.nl.

Guided tours during EMOVES

On Sunday July 1st, there will be guided tours at 13.00, 14.00, 15.00, 16.00, 17.00 and 18.00h from the AUJIK Homebase (MU, entrance Leidingstraat).


Want to experience the works of AUJIK at Strijp-S yourself? Start your tour at the AUJIK Homebase (MU, entrance Leidingstraat). Here you can find the information about the app that you need to download and install, and all the locations of the 4D works.

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Event info


15.30: Official Opening

13.00 & 14.00 & 15.00 & 16.00 & 17.00 & 18.00: Guided Tours



Free entrance!