Step in the Arena Kidsbattle

Every year, on the Wednesday before Step in the Arena, the kidsbattle takes place in the Berenkuil. The kidsbattle is a graffiti-battle for the students of the primary schools in Eindhoven. It is an annual battle between schools, and the winner will show their piece at Step in the Arena itself during festival EMOVES.

Eindhoven to another world

As usual there is an Eindhoven related theme and this year the theme is: Eindhoven in another world. This theme is inspired by Eindhoven Airport. All the children will be challenged to think of a piece of Eindhoven to take it to another world. The creativity of the children will be triggered to create a world with their favorite parts of Eindhoven. The only thing that is constant in all the designs is the airplane that takes Eindhoven to another world.

Prior to the kidsbattle all the students of the primary schools will get 5 classes about streetart, urban culture and graffiti. The children will learn to design a piece to brighten up the tunnels of the Berenkuil.

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