Event info

Saturday - June 17
11.00 - 23.00

Friday - June 16
12.00 - 20.00

Free (no participation)

Hop the Block Weekend Ticket (incl 2 nights): € 55,00


Hop the Block

Commit Freerun organizes the annual event Hop the Block at EMOVES. This is a competition for free runners. Freerunners from all over Europe come together to train and compete together on a specially designed setup.

On Saturday June 17, 2017 the freerun competition will be in the form of a speedcontest in which the freerunners are challenged to complete a trail as quickly as possible. The speed contest gets its first edition for kids ages 12 till 16 years. Later that day, the top talents from across Europe will battle against each othe in the International League.

During the other days of EMOVES there is the possibility for free runners to train together. Entry to Hop the Block is free.


Freerunning is a form of trail where the contestant has to move as fast and as original as possible from a to b through a course of obstacles. Freerunning is mixed with flips, salto’s and a lot of tricks.

Aftermovie Hop the Block EMOVES 2016

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